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19. januar 2018
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26. januar 2018
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Født i Horsens Tugthus
1. februar 2018
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Nancy Harmes (USA) - “Ellington at Night”
9. februar 2018
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Fastelavn med Davs Klaus
11. februar 2018
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16. februar 2018
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23. februar 2018
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Räfven (SE)
24. februar 2018
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Generalforsamling i Foreningen Ebeltoft Kulturhus
25. februar 2018
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Foredrag om Johannes V. Jensen
28. februar 2018
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3. marts 2018
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Søren Sko og Benjamin Koppel - THE NAT KING COLE P
9. marts 2018
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Teitur (FO)
10. marts 2018
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HULE-læsning i Davs Klaus
11. marts 2018
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Blues Beatles (BRA)
16. marts 2018
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DIE HERREN - U2 WeltKlasse Show
24. marts 2018
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Milena Penkowa - Cannabis som Medicin
5. april 2018
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6. april 2018
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Prita Grealy (AUS)
7. april 2018
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Børneborgernes Kunst Dag
8. april 2018
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Ale Möller Trio (SE)
13. april 2018
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Alberte Winding Band
14. april 2018
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Aprilfestival – gratis teateroplevelser for store
15. april 2018
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Det tabte Syrien
25. april 2018
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Chris Minh Doky & New Nordic Jazz
26. april 2018
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Thorbjørn Risager Trio
28. april 2018
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2. maj 2018
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Bodilsen / Mezquida / Andersen
4. maj 2018
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Blues n Food feat. Mik Schack mad-standup
12. maj 2018
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Davs Klaus krible krabler
13. maj 2018
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Rage Against The Machine + Red Hot Chilli Peppers
19. maj 2018
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Den STORE Børnefestival
10. juni 2018
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Nancy Harmes (USA) - “Ellington at Night”

9. februar 2018 kl. 20.00

Entré 110 kr. (medl. 80 kr.)

Forsalg online:

“Ellington at Night” – The Show

“Nightlife”, Duke Ellington once said, “is cut out of a very luxurious, royal blue bolt of velvet. It sparkles with jewels, and it sparkles in tingling and tinkling tones.” Vocalist Nancy Harms presents a stunning hour of the immortal Duke’s melodies. All songs specially selected to illustrate that “luxurious royal blue” quality.

The show: “Ellington At Night”.

In this show, Nancy lends her luxuriant touch to the interpretation of a number of Ellington anthems and rarities, specially selected by Nancy and arranged for this concert by brilliant pianist­/composer (and frequent Harms collaborator) Jeremy Siskind, who accompanies Nancy with his trio. “I Got It Bad And That Ain’t Good”, “Prelude To A Kiss”, “Rocks In My Bed”, and “Strange Feeling” are just a few of the songs to be presented by Nancy and company on this very special night.

Nancy Harms - vokal
Jeremy Siskind - klaver
Graig Earle - kontrabas
Janus Templeton - trommer

WHAT THE CRITICS HAD TO SAY about the NYC SHOW at the Metropolitan Room:

-NEW YORK TIMES: “…impressionistic dreaminess …her renditions were stream-of-consciousness reflections by a singer reining in emotions until they exploded from within. …A tough, demanding swinger emerged in up-tempo numbers like “Long, Strong, and Consecutive” and “Just Squeeze Me,” …The final impression left by Ms. Harms was of a complicated enigmatic woman of mystery forging her own path.” (full review)

-BROADWAY WORLD: “Harms skillfully lures us into the wistful dreamscape of a haunted lover leaning ever-forward, eyes fixed on her audience to convey the very essence of the lyric. …Harms manages to move her audience from a deeper shade of indigo to the brighter rays of sunshine with Ellington’s “I Like the Sunrise,” where through her musical artistry (and her excellent jazz trio) one actually experiences the warm morning bliss of another new day. It is a rare moment to behold.” (full review)

– JAMES GAVIN (author of ”Is That All There Is? – The strange life of Peggy Lee” and “Intimate Nights – The golden age of New York cabaret.”): “Both jazz- and cabaretland could learn a lot from the elegant, understated, but beautifully expressive tribute to Duke Ellington that Nancy Harms gave on Wednesday (at the Metropolitan Room, NYC)…. this show, and Nancy’s featherweight, postcoital sound, made even Ellington warhorses sound new to my ears..”

-NEW YORK CABARET TODAY: “I would possibly call her the Meryl Streep of jazz singing.”
  MINISTERIET • Ebeltoft kulturhus • Nørre Allé 4 • 8400 Ebeltoft • • tlf.: 86 34 00 33